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Delivering fresh goods to your customers with complete safety

For on time and assured deliveries, get in touch with us

Delivering fresh goods to your customers with complete safety

For on time and assured deliveries, get in touch with us

About Us

We at PPG Roadlines are committed to providing top most transportation services to all of our clients. Our goal is to bring complete efficiency to the transportation process. We are proud of an extremely experienced team of customer-focused professionals in the industry. We constantly strive towards giving excellent Service to our valued customers.

Our core motive is to ensure safety of all our team members who are on road day in and out. We aim to grow by investing in technology and resources and striving to perform the most cost effective and economical methods of business. We have been successful in developing effective supply chains, provide diverse transportation and distribution solutions and meet all our client’s requirements to the best. We assess, recommend, implement and manage a sophisticated supply chain that is tailored to our customer’s needs.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on our friendly, personalized service and are always happy to talk through your freight shipping requirements, examine your routing and freight consolidation needs, and present the most efficient and effective way to move your freight. We ensure safety of all your consumer goods without the fear of contamination.

We have both the capability and fleet to deliver for our customers on time and on budget. Our fleets comprise modern vehicles maintained to exceptionally high standards by our own team, on site, so our fleet spends more time on the road and less time in the repair shop!

We provide our customers with top of the line service, no matter which division they are working with. We provide a team of professional dedicated drivers as well as support staff to ensure the top quality of service is met.

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What We Offer

Freight Transportation Service

We have vast experience in providing all kinds of freight services to and from all parts of Canada and North America. We have all the latest equipment to serve your needs.


PPG Roadlines cares about the freight and ensure that the orders are delivered out safely. We are a safety and compliance conscious industry leader and have efficiently maintained equipment to ensure the continuity of our excellent services.

Experienced Operators

PPG Roadlines has immense pride in the experience of their operators. We have a well knit team who are extremely experienced and efficient, making us one of the of the premier North American transportation carriers.

Certified Vehicles

We have a strict policy of having all our vehicles regularly inspected and adhere to all the compliances.

High Security Premises

As mentioned, we lay huge emphasis to the safety of our orders and our vehicles. Therefore, all of our yards are protected with CCTV camera monitoring stations and uniformed security guards to ensure tight security at all times.

On-time Delivery Performance

All services are mere words unless the deliveries are done on time. Hence, the PPG Roadlines team is dedicated to delivering the customer’s freight on time, every time, with honesty and integrity.

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